F1Facility: Visitor Management System

F1Facility: Visitor Management System

A comprehensive integrated enterprise application to control and secure the facility by providing a simple and effective way to register, badge, track and manage your facility’s visitor traffic.

Key Features include Appoinment Request,Accept Appointment Request & Visitor Registration
Workflow on Approval booking / reject booking,Generating & emailing Visitor Pass,Visitor Check-In , Visitor Check-Out,Block Visitor & Maintain Black List,Cancell Appoinments
Dashboard for Scurity Gate: Current Visitors Insight

User Defined Reporting System, Delegation of Authority, Flexible & Mutiple Level Workflow, Workflow based on SAP HR OM, Email Notification, Customizable Email Template,Role Based Authorization, Multiple role per user, Single SignOn.

Functional Features

F1Facility: Visitor Management System
F1Facility: Visitor Management System
  • Web-based Facility Reservation System
  • Booking of Meeting rooms, conference halls, desk space, office space, auditoriums, high cost equipments, training facilities, refreshments
  • Workflow on Approval booking / reject booking.
  • Facility group
  • Facility Details info
  • Facility type
  • Facility packages
  • Facility booking
  • Floor plans
  • Approval booking / Reject booking
  • Mail Concepts

Reporting System

  • Configurable Reporting System
  • Graphical Analysis & Tabuler Report
  • Customizable Grouping, Ordering, Filtering
  • E-Mail, Printer, Screen, File
  • Report can be taken in Multiple Destination

Technical Features

  • Integrating to Windows Active Directory for Authentication
  • Enabling Single Sign-On
  • SAP Integration
  • Enabling Workflow Based on SAP-HR-OM
  • Role Based Authorization
  • Workflow: Multiple, Flexible, Approval Path
  • Delegation of Authority
  • User Sepcific Dashboard
  • Remainders & Escalation Procedure
  • Equipment & Contractor Upload
  • Help Library