Arils Product

myPay: TimeOff Management Solution

myPay – web and mobile application for managing employee leave,absence, paid time-off and attendance. Ensures complete automation through 360 degree integration equipped to integrate Time machine and major ERP such as SAP, MS Dynamics and Oracle EBS.

Incorporating key feature such as Exception Reporting & Approval, overtime Pre Approval, Flexible Shift creation, Periodic Work Schedule, Roster based Schedule,Individual & Collective Time Sheet, Actiity based tracking, Sending Approved Time Sheet in PDF format to Vendor for contract Employee, Automatic Creation of Service Entry Sheet within SAP upon Time Sheet Approval, Vendor Service invoice receipt,employee data Upload from Excel sheet

User Defined Reporting System, Delegation of Authority, Flexible & Mutiple Level Workflow, Workflow based on SAP HR OM, Email Notification, Customizable Email Template,Role Based Authorization, Multiple role per user, Single SignOn.

Functional Features

  • Employee time and Attendence Application
  • Integrating to Time Card System
  • Multiple System
  • Overtime Pre Approval
  • Individual employee Time Sheet entry
  • Collective Time Sheet entry
  • Individual, Collective Time Sheet Approval
  • Automatic Creation of service entry sheet within SAP for contract Employee
  • Selling the approval timesheet to vendor in pdf format upon through mail approval
  • Vendor invoice upload
  • Contract Employee upload

Reporting System

  • Configurable Reporting System
  • Graphical Analysis & Tabuler Report
  • Customizable Grouping, Ordering, Filtering
  • E-Mail, Printer, Screen, File
  • Report can be taken in Multiple Destination

Technical Features

  • Integrating to Windows Active Directory for Authentication
  • Enabling Single Sign-On
  • SAP Integration
  • Enabling Workflow Based on SAP-HR-OM
  • Role Based Authorization
  • Workflow: Multiple, Flexible, Approval Path
  • Delegation of Authority
  • User Sepcific Dashboard
  • Remainders & Escalation Procedure
  • Equipment & Contractor Upload
  • Help Library