HSE Audit Management System

HSEQ Audit Management System

Tadqeeq is a comprehensive and integrated solution help companies manage HSE audit process. It is designed to meet an organizations Audit management requirements throughout all levels of the organization, automating auditing processes ranging from planning, scheduling, conducting, reporting and action followup. The interactive dashboards and roll-up reporting functions provide companies with an overview of all audit and assessment activities in real time.

Tadqeeq Audit & Assessment Solution provides the capability to manage internal, external or 3rd party audits,full or cyclic audits across one specific or any number of compliance management systems.

Flexible workflow, Meeting organizer to schedule & Track meetings at each stage of Audit process,email notification and customized email content.

HSE Audit Management System
HSE Audit Management System

HSE Audit Management System
HSE Audit Management System

HSEQ Audit is developed using advanced technology. It is Microsoft .NET based application integrating to Enterprise Application such as SAP specifically for workflow based on SAP OM reporting structure.

HSEQ Audit empowers the internal audit department to save essential time, increase efficiency and maximize the power of collaborative working. It integrates all aspects of the audit cycle such as audit scope definition (checklist preparation), planning ,scheduling ,conducting audit, audit reporting, root cause analysis, corrective preventive action, performing & tracking recommended action, management program and closing audit.

Meeting Organizer adds the capability to have the meeting history at each stage of the audit process. Flexible reporting systems empowers the audit department to define customized report at various dimension with graphical reporting capability.

Functional Features

  • Standards Compliance.Eg. ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001
  • Internal Auditing
  • Creating Audit,Planning and Scope Definition
  • Scheduling and Audit Team Preparation
  • Conduct Audit
  • Audit Preparation
  • Report & Approve Findings
  • Roote Cause Analysis
  • CAPA: Corrective & Preventive Action
  • Performing & Tracking recommended action
  • Management Program
  • Audit Closing
  • Meeting Organizer
  • Scheduling,tracking multiple meeting at every stage
  • Flexible workflow and email notification at every stage
  • Workflow and Notification based on RASI Matrix
  • Conference Room Booking
  • Unlmited Standard Definition
  • Unlimited Caluse, Sub Clause Definitio
  • Unlimited Checklist/ Audit Questionnaires Definition
  • Full Audit and Cyclic Audit
  • Meeting Organizer

Technical Features

  • Authentication:Windows AD,Single Sign-On
  • Workflow: Flexible Workflow, Multiple Approval Path
  • Workflow: Can return the report to previous stage
  • Workflow: Email Notification at every stage
  • SAP Integration,Workflow Based on SAP-HR-OM
  • Authorization :Role Based Authorization and multiple role per user
  • Delegation of Authority
  • User Sepcific Dashboard
  • Reminders & Escalation Procedure
  • Equipment List Upload & Employee data Upload
  • Configurable Email Template
  • Help Library

Reporting Tool and Analysis System

  • Configurable Reporting System
  • Graphical Analysis & Tabuler Report
  • Customizable Grouping, Sorting, Filtering
  • User Specific Dashboard and Statistics
  • Report Destination: E-Mail, Printer, Screen, File