F1Facility Booking System

F1Facility Booking System

Not Just a Facility Booking, It includes flexible set of related integrated tools such as Meeting Organizer, Email Template and visitor Management. Best suitable for managing enterprise facility such as meeting, conference room ,booking training facilities, parking spaces and pool cars,high cost equipments. the Facilities Booking module combines a rich feature set with ease of use.Features flexible Workflow on Approval booking / reject booking,Facility group,Facility type,Facility packages,adding refreshment items for meeting etc.

User Defined Reporting System, Delegation of Authority, Flexible & Mutiple Level Workflow, Workflow based on SAP HR OM, Email Notification, Customizable Email Template,Role Based Authorization, Multiple role per user, Single SignOn.

Functional Features

F1Facility Booking System
F1Facility Booking System
  • Web-based Facility Reservation System
  • Booking of Meeting rooms, conference halls, desk space, office space, auditoriums, high cost equipments, training facilities, refreshments
  • Workflow on Approval booking / reject booking.
  • Facility group
  • Facility Details info
  • Facility type
  • Facility packages
  • Facility booking
  • Floor plans
  • Approval booking / Reject booking
  • Mail Concepts

Reporting System

  • Configurable Reporting System
  • Graphical Analysis & Tabuler Report
  • Customizable Grouping, Ordering, Filtering
  • E-Mail, Printer, Screen, File
  • Report can be taken in Multiple Destination

Technical Features

  • Integrating to Windows Active Directory for Authentication
  • Enabling Single Sign-On
  • SAP Integration
  • Enabling Workflow Based on SAP-HR-OM
  • Role Based Authorization
  • Workflow: Multiple, Flexible, Approval Path
  • Delegation of Authority
  • User Sepcific Dashboard
  • Remainders & Escalation Procedure
  • Equipment & Contractor Upload
  • Help Library