ECP Easy Printing

EasyPrinting: Employee Certificate / HR Letters / HR Forms Printing solution

ECPrinting enables employees to print the HR letters INSTANTLY with digital stamp and signature. It is Web, KIOSK and Mobile based solution integrating to major ERP such as SAP.

ECP Easy Printing
ECP Easy Printing

Time Saving and increased employee productivity, Ready to Use HR Forms ranging from Joining Letter till End Of Service Certificate,Reduced Printing Cost,Role based authorization providing HR department to have complete control over the system,Bi Lingual (Arabic and English),Printing History Report, Strict Security Measures,Automatic Email notification of login details etc…

Functional Features

  • Enabling employee Self-Service for Printing required Certificates
  • Tuned to be best fit for KIOSK based touch screen.
  • Certificates can be printer with/without Digital Stamp & Signature
  • Inbuilt Security Control for Important Certificates
  • More than 100 HR Forms / Letters / Certificates incorporated. Eg.
    1. Employee Certificate
    2. Salary Certificate
    3. Letter of Introduction
    4. Service & Clearance Certificate
    5. Business Visa Application
    6. Address Proof
    7. Bank Transfer
    8. Istakhdam Letter

Reporting System

  • User Definable Report
  • Report Certificates can be taken in Multiple Destination
  • E-Mail, Printer, Screen, File

Technical Features

  • Integrating to Windows Active Directory for Authentication
  • Enabling Single Sign-On
  • SAP Integration
  • Enabling Workflow Based on SAP-HR-OM
  • Role Based Authorization
  • Workflow: Multiple, Flexible, Approval Path
  • Delegation of Authority
  • User Sepcific Dashboard
  • Remainders & Escalation Procedure
  • Equipment & Contractor Upload
  • Help Library